"Being based in Havering is perfect. We have lower costs that
enable us to be very competitive plus a great entrepreneurial spirit.”

  Havering at a glance

The London Brough of Havering provides the perfect platform to help your business grow and prosper.
Here’s a snapshot of how.

Workforce & Demographics

Havering’s Demographics & Workforce

Havering is home to 249,085 residents. 23% of the population is aged 0-18, it is estimated that by 2021, Havering’s population will have grown by 6% (265,439) and by 10% (278,127) by 2026, a faster growth than the London average.

In particular, the working age population was estimated to grow by 5.0% by 2016.
This means there will be 7,400 more residents of working age and will continue to grow by 11.7% by 2026.

Stable Employment Rates
Employment rates and the business population within Havering prove to be stable, with a wide range of people working across the private and public sectors as well as being self-employed. Given this demographic shift, we can expect to see an increase in job creation and apprenticeships as well as increased investment in skills and training development programmes, all of which will ensure Havering continues to prosper with a productive and thriving workforce.

Major Sectors
The retail sector share in Havering is one of the largest in London. Romford is the main retail destination in the borough, with a diverse range of outlets including several national retailers set within two large shopping malls, a smaller arcade, a large retail and leisure development at The Brewery, a conventional high street and a traditional market. Retail, and the health sector, form the two biggest employers in the borough.

Other major sectors include admin support, education, construction, logistics and the green sector. In 2010, Havering was included in the GLA’s plans for setting up a Green Enterprise District in East London (the Thames Gateway). This has already started to raise East London’s profile as a world-class business destination for green enterprises and as a pioneering centre for low-carbon solutions.