"Being based in Havering is perfect. We have lower costs that
enable us to be very competitive plus a great entrepreneurial spirit.”

  Havering at a glance

The London Brough of Havering provides the perfect platform to help your business grow and prosper.
Here’s a snapshot of how.


Havering’s Education

The London Borough of Havering is a well performing local education authority and has an entirely comprehensive based system. It is not just high academic achievement that proves the success of the borough’s children and young people, but also excellence in music, sport and the arts. Individual and personal success is recognised in all aspects of school life.
Havering schools are high achievers and perform above the national average, and children of all ages in Havering attain results in examinations which is above the national averages.

Lifelong Learning for Residents of All Ages

As well as its range of high achieving academic institutions, Schools, Academies, and Sixth Form College, Havering is home to Havering Adult College and Havering College of Further and Higher Education, both of which provide a diverse range of courses including vocational qualifications and professional development programmes. Such qualifications are not limited to those of school age and it is an important focus of the borough to promote lifelong learning and skills development for residents of all ages.

Havering’s vast array of educational opportunities is described in further detail on our Why Havering pages. The borough shows a clear and impressive commitment to nurturing talent and this is one of the key reasons businesses in the area are able to grow and thrive.