"Being based in Havering is perfect. We have lower costs that
enable us to be very competitive plus a great entrepreneurial spirit.”

  Havering at a glance

The London Brough of Havering provides the perfect platform to help your business grow and prosper.
Here’s a snapshot of how.


London Borough of Havering is a truly cost effective option for any business looking to locate in an area that offers excellent accessibility by all means of transport, together with close proximity to the capital.

Within the Romford Office Quarter there is plentiful high quality office space set within a business orientated environment. Rental rates here are low in comparison to the likes of Canary Wharf, yet the benefits of each location are easily matched. Commercial property across Havering has a mean rateable value of service space of £68 per square metre. This is significantly below the London average of £98.50 per square metre (2008).

Considering Havering’s favourable location close to five major airports, numerous primary road links and just 17 minutes by rail into the heart of London, the affordability of its commercial property, of which there is an incredibly diverse choice on offer, really is a major advantage.