"Being based in Havering is perfect. We have lower costs that
enable us to be very competitive plus a great entrepreneurial spirit.”

  Havering at a glance

The London Brough of Havering provides the perfect platform to help your business grow and prosper.
Here’s a snapshot of how.

Ginnette’s Childminding

Degree leads to new career

A divorce and successfully completing an Open University Social Science degree, after spending 15 years studying for it, were the catalysts that prompted Ginnette Moore to launch her own home-based, child-minding business this summer.

Ginnette, who lives in Hornchurch, said: “I spent 17 years in the motor industry and two years at a local architect’s but getting divorced and gaining my degree made me look at what I was doing with my life. “At the same time my own child-minder stopped and I realised there was a need for such services locally.

“My own children are 12 and 8 years old now so don’t need day-time care but there are a lot of parents who need child-care so they can work the hours they need to do. “My experience meant I was able to develop a business plan, to make sure I could afford to feed and look after my own family.

Becoming self-employed is a big step but it hasn’t been that bad dealing with HMRC etc. “The one problem I had was underestimating the time it takes to become registered as no-where is the process set down and there were so many different agencies involved including Havering Council, OfSTED, and the DBS, which checks criminal records. “The delay in getting registered meant that when I opened I was full.

My registration allows me to have 12 children in total, or 6 if they are under 8 years old and the word-of mouth network soon filled those places. “It’s hard work, as the first child arrives at 7.15am and the last leaves at 6.30pm, but also a lot of fun and very rewarding as you see a child develop new skills, confidence and expertise. “We do a lot of creative work as well as board and maths games and, for the children who come to me after school, homework supervision. “I’m glad I made the change as it’s helped me see what I’m capable of doing too, which has been great for my own personal development.

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