"Being based in Havering is perfect. We have lower costs that
enable us to be very competitive plus a great entrepreneurial spirit.”

  Havering at a glance

The London Brough of Havering provides the perfect platform to help your business grow and prosper.
Here’s a snapshot of how.


Havering Council is committed to cultivating a strong business base to achieve employment growth and increased competitiveness.  There is a comprehensive programme of support for the local business community providing advice, seminars and networking opportunities; ultimately promoting economic growth across Havering.

Havering Business Awards
The Awards are designed to reward and recognise innovation, entrepreneurship and community spirit across the Borough.  They also provide an opportunity for businesses to benchmark their processes and performances against others, and receive feedback.

Havering Business Network
The Havering Business Network provides a unique opportunity for the local business community to engage with the Members and Senior Officers from the Council, in addition to the Business Development Team.
By attending our networking session, businesses receive useful tools and advice from specialists and guest speakers, and are provided the opportunity to engage in business-to-business networking.

Business Voice Board
The aim of the Business Voice Board is for leading businesses and ambitious business representatives to work with the Council to help shape the economic future of the borough.

Business Support Seminars
The aim of these Seminars is to provide local businesses with an overview to a key business topic, skill or process.  Each Seminar lasts for 3 hours and is designed to support SME owners and managers.

Women in Business
The aim of Women in Business is to provide Havering Business women (whether working or living in the Borough) with valuable tools to achieve your aspirations, plus provide you with an excellent opportunity to network with fellow business women in the area.

For more information please contact the Business Development Team, 01708 432047,